2012 Obscure Architecture (House of 33 Years, Study), installation, group exhibition ‘KIME TO KEHAI―Textures’, Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori (Japan)

2012 Ghost House, Residency& Workshop, Sendai School of Design, Miyagi(Japan)

2012 You were not where I was when I was there. We were in completely different places. So you did not see anything and I could not show anything to you, installation, group exhibition ‘Wonderland:10110’, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, 2012, Tokyo (Japan)

2011 Dentsu Entrance Library, installation, Dentsu Head Office, Tokyo (Japan)

2010 I.E., retrospective solo exhibition, radlab, Kyoto (Japan)

2010 VOID, installation, group exhibition ‘Rikuri: Glistening Lights’, Sedona, Tokyo (Japan)

2010 WINDSCAPE, public installation, ‘Mini Ginza: DesignTide Extension’ , Tokyo (Japan)

2010 X2TOKYO, urban research & installation, Tokyo Designers Week, Tokyo (Japan)

2010  HOUSE OF 33 YEARS, sd review finalists exhibition, Hillside Gallery, Tokyo (Japan) & Osaka University of Arts, Osaka (Japan)

2010 GRADIOFFITI, urban research & workshop, Bike Forum Aoyama, Tokyo (Japan)

2010 ULTRA MICRO POP-UP STORE FOR ARCHITECTURE IN ASMARA, installation & workshop, D♥Y claska & Nanyodo Architecture Bookstore, Tokyo (Japan)

2010 SYMMETRIC ARRANGEMENT OF TIME AND SPACE, installation & workshop, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori (Japan)

2009 WITH/WITHOUT ME, installation & workshop, group exhibition ‘Love Love Show’, Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori (Japan)

2009 IT’S A TASTY WORLD – FOOD SCIENCE NOW!, exhibition design & art direction, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation – Miraikan, Tokyo (Japan)

2009 UN/BUILT STORE, retail space blueprint, domus magazine (Italy)

2009 A DAY DREAM, art pavilion proposal, Tokyo (Japan)

2008 NEW YORK MAGAZINE PUBLIC ART PROPOSAL, blueprint, NewYork Magazine (US)

2008 PICTUREBOOK AND ARCHITECTURE, workshop, Archi-TV, Architectural Institution, Tokyo (Japan)

2008 ABSENT CITY, urban research & installation, Gallery Loop, Seoul (South Korea)

2008 BOOJUM, installation, Diesel Denim Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

2008 ABSENT CITY, urban research & installation, Gallery within assistant, Tokyo (Japan)

2008 SHIROKANE DENTAL OFFICE, interior design, Tokyo (Japan)

2008 TRANSLUCENT PASSAGE, installation, group exhibition ‘mellow fever’, Galerie des Galeries, Galeries Lafayette, Paris (France)

2008 ABSENT CAFE, installation, Marunouchi Art Weeks, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 PROBARIOUS, installation, Diesel Denim Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 MON LOU LOU, interior design, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 WOVEN MARIONETTE main exhibition space design for DesignTide, National Olympic Stadium Gymnasium, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 TIMBERLAND CONCEPT STORE, interior design, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 TIES FOR WOMEN, exhibition for tie brand giraffe, Gallery Mitate, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 TREMORS WERE FOREVER : REMEMBER LE CORBUSIER, installation & workshop, Mori Museum, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 ANCE, interior design, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 ME, TOO., outside exhibition, Shinjuku Art Infinity, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 ROCK GARDEN, exhibition set design for Vujj, Salone Del Mobile, Aria Savona, Milano (Italy)

2007 PATTERNS OF ALLIANCE, installation & workshop, group exhibition ‘Lab*Motion’, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo (Japan)

2007 SETAGAYA DENTAL OFFICE, interior design, Tokyo (Japan)

2006 TOTORO HOUSE, exhibition set design for Vujj, Covent Garden Film Studios, London (UK)

2006 KINUTA STONE SPA, interior design, Tokyo (Japan)

2006 SLOW/MOTION, installation & workshop, Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi (Japan)

2005 TREMORS WERE FOREVER, installation, Caniche Courage, Tokyo (Japan)

2005 A PSYCHEDELIC MANTIS HOUSE FOR LORIS GRÉAUD, house for a mantis, book, EndextenD (France)