Cover image of A Psychedelic Mantis House for L.G.


Tokyo, Japan
Megumi Matsubara, Hiroi Ariyama
Completion year
Loris Gréaud
Residential architecture for a mantis
as seen
Motohiro Sunouchi, ASSISTANT
EndextenD, Loris Gréaud

The project was completed as a contribution work to a French artist Loris Gréaud’s first monographic book published in France in February 2006 and soon-to-be available in many other countries. As the title of the book EndextenD indicates, different artists and critics were encouraged to extend Gréaud’s previous work and give another life to it.

“A Psychedelic Mantis House for L.G.” is a living environment for a mantis to live in.
The walls and decoration in the room are fully covered with reduced-size Loris’ work and specially customised with reduced-size psychedelic graffiti on the top of it.
The house traveled in Tokyo looking for its mantis. In June and July 2005, in the middle of summer, a mantis was never found in Tokyo. Therefore this house still keeps its virginity and the face-to-face intimacy with customised work of Loris’ that the dweller would have obtained. It turned into a psychedelic widow.


  • APsychedelicMantisHouse_PS1

    Hi Loris!
    My gift for you is a mantis house.
    But I couldn't find a mantis to live in.
    Who has killed the mantis of mine?

    © EndextenD

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    Photo © ASSISTANT

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